Found A Cat Last Night

Last night around 1:15 am (technically this morning) i got a call from my twin sister who was currently at my moms telling me she found an injured cat and telling me i should go over there. Since i have such a love for cats, i immediatly went out to my car with no hesitation and drove over to my moms house.

when i got there, our front door was propped open a little bit so i peaked over to look in and i saw my twin sister and her best friend sitting on the floor petting a cat. the cat turned and looked at me and i couldnt help but notice its left eye. it looked like it was blind in that eye, but a little worse and had a little bit of goop at the bottom of the eye. she got a little frightened by me but my sister told me to put my hand out. so i did and the cat smelled it and then began to rub her hear against my hand. she was the most loveable cat EVER! her hurt eye didnt even seem to phase her. my sister told me that she was leaving the door a crack open so that the cat doesnt seem like its trapped and its welcome to leave or stay as it pleases.

they had a can fish out for her to eat, because we have dogs and dont have cat food, and a bowl of water. we pet her constantly and let her roam our house but kept a close eye on her. she was definintely not a stray, she was well groomed and de-clawed. but we were wondering who and why would someone let their cat just roam around at night, i mean yeah its normal, but i live in Arizona and there are cyotes in our neighborhood all the time.

our dogs were in their kennels wimpering because they are always eager to meet "new friends." so at one point my sister decided to see if the cat was good with dogs. so she got one of our dogs out (our dogs are tiny) and held our dog. our dog was going crazy because she just wanted to jump out of my sisters hand and greet the cat. but we knew if we let our dog do that it would scare the cat. so my sister held our dog while sitting on the ground and let the cat sniff her. after a few sniffs she gave out a meow. it wasnt a friendly meow but it wasnt unfriendly either. after a while we could tell the cat was not enjoying our dogs presence as we saw her ears start to go back. so we put the dog away.

later on i was sitting on the couch and she came up to cuddle with me. i love cats that cuddle, she was the perfect cat. later on we were watching a movie and let her wander around. we have a doggy door so she let herself out. a few minutes later we herd her meowing by the sliding glass door and we let her back in.

at around 4am i passed out. around 6am i herd the dogs barking and chasing eachother around. and my sister told me that she went to the front door with the cat and opened the front door to see if she wanted to leave. and she thought, okay, i will let the dogs out and this is it. if they get along then thats good. so she let the dogs out but she was sure to still hold them back a little and the cat and dogs were sniffing each other. then apparently, all of the sudden she hit one of my dogs in the face. thankfully the cat was declawed! so my sister shut the door and felt bad because she herd the cat meowing. but for some reason our neighbors were awake and outside (it was early and still kinda dark, and they are young kids) and they called the cat over and pet it. (i know it wasnt the neighbors cat that called her over) but thats pretty much it and she is either home, wherever that is, or still roaming our neighborhood.

i loved her so much and wished she was mine. she was super loveable and cuddly. and not one of those cats that like bites you after you pet them 5 times lol.
she was everything i wanted in a cat!
sweetsydchris sweetsydchris
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012