I Want To Adopt This Fat Cat

According to a Newsday article, the cat below was apparently wondering the streets of New Jersey all by itself.  Named Princess Chunks, the cat weighs in at 44lbs(!) and will now appear on two talk shows(!!). Wow...now that's fame right there.  If the authorities cannot find its owner, Princess Chunks will be up for adoption.  


In my quest to find the cutest fat cat I went ahead and looked up some on the internet.

Check out these adorable cats:


digg_url = 'http://digg.com/pets_animals/The_Kingpin_Fat_Cat/';

Bonus, here's a couple great fat cat videos. I'm pretty sure the first one is Garfield.

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/pets_animals/The_Kingpin_Fat_Cat/';

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This post is sad. I love all cats but these are pictures of cats that are so unhealthy that they are at death's door. I don't think it's cute. They've been abused or suffer severe endocrine disorders.

They are so cute! I love cats too! But I sometimes feel bad for overweight cats. I think they are like overweight people who have a hard time moving.

I love cats to.They have personality just like human beings do.

while I like big cats - I know that overly fat cats are just as unhealthly as overly fat humans. Poor things need to go on a nice species appropriate diet!

My family adopted a fat cat who was eleven years old. She passed away fast. She hated the other cat we adopted and may have had a stress related heart attack. Pros: Fat cats' affection can be bought with snacks. They're easier to handle and don't seem to struggle as much or as effectively as skinny cats. They seem to like to sleep on their own special cushions and be petted all day. Cons: Fat cats may have larger medical bills. They don't play as much. They eat a lot of cat food. The vet may make you have to put them on a diet which is actual work. The cat may die unexpectedly leaving you heart broken. They are very hard on the legs when they sit in your lap.

It does make me a little cranky when I see these cats... i mean... its not healthy to let them get so big on the grounds that its 'cute'.

what cuties i have a cat named kekoa shes a butthead but i love her soo much.

but the cat in the last clip is the cutest

ahhhhhhhhhhh how cute are they i currently have a slender siamese ktten who just eats & eats i've switched him from kitten food to adult food just to see if it fills him up

To Fatcat,<br />
Yes I love fat cats too I own two at the moment, but they get plenty of exersise chasing the meeces and catching them. I think they are spoilt and are getting fatter, perhaps I feed them too much.<br />