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Cats have an amazing ability to read minds, dogs are good but cats are better. There have been many cases of cats being left in one town by their “owners”, left with people they know and love and sometimes it is in the home they had been living in with the grown children of the original “owners”, who moved to another town for their retirement or for some other reason, and either couldn’t bring the cats or they were going to settle in first and bring the cats or cat to the new home later. The cats left the place they were left at, and in some cases the place they had lived their whole life at, and walked distances ranging from one part of a town to another or to a city in a different state and found their original “owners” even though they had never been to the new location. I have heard theories on how some animal behaviorists think cats thoughts are organized and they believe that cats see pictures of thoughts, which kind of makes sense to me because haven’t you wondered how your cat can know exactly what piece of paper on your desk you had planned on reading next and that one paper was the one the cat sat on out of the many that were laying there in equally accessible locations? And this has happened way more times than I can chalk up to coincidence. I have several cats and most of them don’t mind when I put the “name brand here” flea drops I get from my vet on them, though they all usually have a little fit after I do it and run from me after I have put them on, like I have ever put them on twice in one setting but I guess they aren't taking any chances, and they give me dirty or suspicious looks for a while afterwards. I have been told that the drops make the skin numb for a little while and that is what they are reacting to, cats hate to have anything “done” to them without their permission. I have one cat that I try to put the flea drops on first because if she sees one of the other cats react to my having put the drops on them she won’t let me get near her for most of the day and I actually have to resort to putting the tube with the flea medicine next to me on the couch and wait some for a time in the evening when the cats come over and want to sit in my lap which usually means that she will get jealous and want to sit on my lap because another cat did. If I am able to keep my mind blank and not give away that I am picking up the flea medicine tube off of the coffee table then I can quickly put the drops on the back of her neck and rub them in an then she will hiss and spit at me and run away and give me dirty looks for the rest of the evening and won’t get near me until the next day. If I try to put the flea medicine on her and I am not fast enough I will have to wait until the next day even if all she did was sense that I reached for them. I have other cat people friends who tell me they have at least one cat that doesn’t like the flea medicine but most don’t have such a fit as my one 12 year old cat does, but since I have had her since she was a kitten it is certain that she isn't ever going to like it. Aren't cats amazing creatures?
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I have a diabetic cat. He'll cry to be fed, and then eats & lays down somewhere. When I call him "Zorro!" he comes for his insulin shot. Now, cold insulin stings, but he still comes, and when the shot hurts he just flicks the end of his tail.

Don't you have to believe that the cat knows that the shot is good for him because otherwise what's in it for him to want his shot? Because unlike dogs,rewards like "good kitty" or a treat seldom have any value to a cat. Pretty Cool!