Burmese Cats, Anyone?

I have two sable (brown) Burmese cats and they are so beautiful and wonderful. I just love my cats. They are brother and sister and they are (drum roll)...18 years old! I'm a bit worried because the average age is something like 12 or 14 years. But they seem healthy and are indoor cats. My female, Abby, has a hyperthyroid (diagnosed in August, 2012) and is on medicine. My male, Charlie, is overweight (but he always has been).

I don't want to think about when they pass, but I know I will be getting cats again and hope to get Burmese cats. They are just kind of hard to find. The last breeder is retired. Boy, these are good healthy cats with such sweet personalities. Charlie sleeps with me every night and cuddles very close to me. He also follows me from room to room. It's like having a dog, with the ease of having a cat!

I think all cats are beautiful and since I was 6, I've always had a cat including domestic short-hairs, strays, and one other pure bred type (a Manx), who was an abandoned cat when I picked her up.

Cats are such fine creatures!!
Zensters Zensters
Dec 16, 2012