My Cats With Several Misfortunes.

During my lifetime i've had five cats not all at the same time. The first one belong to my sister but ended up with me not a pedigree none of them were. This one wouldn't use a litter tray and had a habit of wanting out in the wee hours of the morning. A bit of a wild one wouldn't settle in the house would want out regardless of the weather.
One day somebody tried to steal it, two days later it reappeared then vanished again a week later. It was three years old.
The second cat i had was an adventurous tom. Too adventurous it got ran over.
Cat number 3 was the first of three black ones that i had couldn't say much about it only the neighbour's dog got it and that was that.
Having had three misfortunes with cats, the last two were different as they were strays. I seem to have more luck with strays.
The first one a black female was very small for it's age and again got run over with a car but survived got a broken jaw. The owner of the car was someone who was like"Mr Magoo", the short-sighted cartoon character who thought it was a black bin liner.
A very friendly cat it later became after i got it spayed. She never grew very big, one could say she was a female "Ronnie Corbett" of the cat world. Perfectly formed just small.
She lived for nearly twenty years a very old cat indeed, arthritis and a series of seizures relating to that as well as a heart condition meant that i had to give up the ghost and have her put to sleep.
This cat got a partner another female stray rather large this one was they both got on well together even sleeping together. I found the pair one summer morning sleeping cuddled up together on next door's front door step.
I took this one in during one cold winter with the object being that it could go back to its semi-feral ways when the warm weather came in. It was not to be as the cat had decided to stay put. However it did have a tendency when it went out to visit old haunts by going to places that use to feed it.
It didn't get fat just massively large. It would eat leftovers from peoples lunch to bits of beef dripping.
This one was also spayed after it produced six kittens, which were all given away to good homes.
What became of this one well it too got advanced in years and i didn't know whether it was it's habits or some parasite it picked up but in the end after 17 years it was diagnosed with liver failure and had to be put to sleep. I nursed that cat all night before taking it to the vet poor thing was in pain. The other cat and me both missed her very much and i think the other smaller cat knew that it's larger companion for many years was dying.
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Jan 6, 2013