My Cats Part 2

I mentioned about my last two black cats, i'm going to tell you some more about them. As i said previously the smaller of the two lived longer than the bigger one.
Well it was like this i had to work late shifts in a bar near to where i lived and although the cats were friendly to some people they were on the other hand cautious towards strangers. When i was working both the cats would sit on a near by wall and wait they knew instinctively what time i finished at. They wouldn't follow me to the place but knew of it, every time i finished work there would be a chorus of two different meows. One a high pitched that belong to the smaller of the two, the other a large bellowing sound that came from the larger of the two.
They would always wait on the same part of the wall and always knew when i finished as they would wait for me.
When i left the premises they would get off the wall and follow me home part of the way. They would then disappear only for one to re-emerge just in front of me the other usually the bigger of the two would always be at the front door before me.
Opening the door they would automatically go to their dishes and demand to be fed which they got. They had both learned sometime ago which was their dishes for food and milk. They didn't like water or cream but liked ordinary pasteurised milk or goats milk.
As they got older they took a dislike to cat food and so ended up getting chicken rabbit, trout, salmon, mackerel, crab meat liver and kidney. The little one loved raw bacon whilst the big one loved cooked sausages and fried eggs.
They answered to the names of Fin for the little one because all you saw sometimes was the top of a tail resembling a shark's fin. The other Bogus though that wasn't its right name. Why because it talked in its sleep and often muttered something that sounded like the word bogus.
fruity21 fruity21
Jan 6, 2013