Supposedly It's Weird?

As a guy, and a somewhat manly guy, it's difficult for people to understand that I love cats. Of course, I am just an animal lover. My wife and I have the sweetest little dog and we are planning on getting another soon.

But my wife hates cats and I feel like, as a guy, I should be inclined to agree with her.

However, I cannot since one of my best pets was a cat. When I was maybe 3 or 4 my parents bought a cat for my sister. But my sister didn't really take the cat as her own, being young and irresponsible like most every girl her age.

The cat because the family cat, and eventually my cat. I pretty much took care of it most of it's life and gave it the most love out of anyone in the family. I developed a kind of bond with this animal.

That cat would always come to me because she knew I loved her.

I was very upset when she died. She was probably around 14 years old though. She was an old girl. I had been close with a couple other cats since then, but none of them were mine.

This is the reason I think my wife doesn't understand why I love cats so much. She never experienced what I did with cats. Her experiences were always about a cat being crazy and tearing up everything in sight and scratching the hell out of everyone. And for that I guess I can't really blame her.

But I had some really good experience with cats. We will probably never get one and that's ok I guess. I do love our little dog and she is the sweetest little thing ever.

I suppose as long as we have a pet I will be happy. Animal lovers can love any animal, so I'm still happy.
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Real men love cats.

Yep, it was a very lucky day when I met my husband-to-be, who loves cats as much as I do. He had cats all of his adult life and he is wonderful with our two, brushing them and baby-talking to them and giving belly kisses. And in all other aspects he is definitely a 'guy'. Before and during our relationship, we have had to say sad good-byes to cats we loved. It never gets easier, but we can't imagine life without them. We like dogs very much, too, as our relatives have them, but we choose to adopt cats.