A Cat Story

How can anyone be cruel to such animals? Well the person next door to me a bit of a fantasist [a person who lives in a make believe world]. Not mentioning any names, only to say that this person is totally crackers and hates all cats.
Well over the years i've had to put up with such things as your cat has just slashed my brand new radial tyres. Demanding that i pay for them or the police will be informed. No payment was given because the same stunt had been tried earlier not involving cats. The tyres were cross-ply remoulds the cheapest you can by. Local police told the person that no cat could possibly damage car tyres.
It was sometime later that another tale came from the same person my cats had dug up all of his flowers and expected me to replace them. Again after investigation by the police the accusation turned out to be untrue.
Stones were then thrown at my cats even when they were in my garden. The person got so obsessed with the idea that my cats and only my cats were damaging the paint work on the car claiming that my cats had scratched it. Investigation showed that it had been done with a sharper object like a nail or a piece of broken glass not cats claws.
Person remained unconvinced the next step was to me the last straw. The person said he was going to put barbed wire and an electric fence around the garden and if my cats went near it they would probably die. This was followed by if they got entangled in the barbed wire it was their own fault. Finally the person said they would have their throats cut if he saw them being entangled in the fence. Though i reported the incident of the behaviour to the police and threats of reporting the matter to the cruelty to animals. No fence was ever erected though i did threaten to destroy the car if any more stones or other things were thrown at them. To this day nothing has happened although i do not have a cat at present there are at least 5 near by.
fruity21 fruity21
Jan 7, 2013