My Leo Is Sick

My name is Jessica and I rescue 2 cats from the shelter, they were little kittens back then, unfortunately one of them is sick, he has a blader infection, and he needs x-rays and especial food for life.

I am a new mom, with a part time job, that is not really enough money. I am having a hard time trying to help my Leo (cat) and I dont know where to go to get help, I can keep him anymore, I dont have the resources to keep him healthy, I am looking for a nice foster home, I dont want to take him to the shelter, because 1st they may kill him right away knowing that he is sick, and second because he is been a spoil cat, he has a cozy bed, big bathroom, I guess all my furniture was his, as well as my bed. I am very sure if he goes there he will get depressed to be living in a little box, when he had at home room to walk, play with Dexter (my other cat) and take his regular sun baths every morning.
Please friends, help me to find a lovely family for my dear pet

Thank you.
jessycr jessycr
Jan 7, 2013