My Cat “mojo” Is An *******!

I imagine that I sound a bit like a “nut” when I say that I have a cat that is an *******”, or maybe not depending on how well you understand cats. This could be for several reasons which I will try to explain, the first of which is that even if you are a cat lover and understand that cats are very independent and “walk to the beat to a different drummer” you might be skeptical about the concept that a cat can actually intentionally set out to be an ******* which I believe is whatmy cat is indeed attempting to do. I write on the computer for a living, or at least I am trying to make a living by writing books, novels, manuscripts or whatever else one wants to call what I do in writing stories for publication. The point I am trying to make is that I spend a great deal of time working at my computer, working being the key word here, where there are way too many times Mojo “needs” my attention as soon as I turn my computer on. Mojo is a twelve, going on thirteen, year old cat that I have had since he was eight weeks old and he has always had a very good (bad) uncanny knack for walking across the keyboard, or just wanting to sit on my lap all of a sudden when he could have done so for the previous three hours when I wasn’t doing anything but sitting on the couch and watching television but as soon as I start to do something productive Mojo suddenly shows up and “needs” to sit on my lap. This has happened so many times that the word coincidence doesn’t even come close to describing these occurrences, those of his “needing” my attention, which leads me to the statement I titled this story with, my cat “Mojo” is an *******! I love him very much but I find his style of seeking attention very masculine and hence my conclusion that he is a “****” as opposed to his being a “*****”, because he is definitely not a “*****” according to the dictionary definition of this word of which this was the number one definition: ***** cat: an affectionate word used for or to address a cat ( informal ) ( often used by or to children. Where as the word “****” can be found to mean: stupid, mean, or contemptible person. He aggressively (alright I am talking aggressive to the extent that a nine pound animal can be) in that he insists that he needs to immediately sit on my lap and be the object of my attention whenever I turn my computer on. Yes I could “just say no” and give him a flying lesson to stop his advances towards gaining the full use of my lap. But, my point is that whether or not I am nice, or not, and let him disrupt my original intentions or not, the result I was working towards, and what I perceive his original intentions to be, are to stop my forward progress in my chosen task at the time. Hence my conclusion that my cat Mojo is an *******. An ******* I love, but none the less he is an *******! :)
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Jan 10, 2013