I Can't Imagine Going Without A Cat Again!

From the time my parents brought me home as an infant, there was always a cat. My mother loved them but my father HATED them. He would "ssssst" them off the porch and would constantly complain about them. They were never allowed to be inside, even if it was just in the back room/laundry room. My mom and I would end up sneaking them in while he was at work or they would sneak themselves in and go sleep somewhere :)

Now, my fiance' doesn't like cats. Last year he was nearly killed in a wildfire he was fighting and I was at home until all hours of the night while he was out working (he's a certified wildland firefighter) . The next day, I went and got a 5 week old kitten. She has been my baby ever since.

"Halligan" was named after a fire tool, considering I got her to keep me company during the huge wildfire crisis we had here... Plus after my parents divorced in 2005 and I was taken away by my father from my mother in 2006, I was never allowed to have a cat again, even outside....I just had to finally get a cat, and she gets to stay inside! No one is allergic or anything! I was like a little kid all over again :)

It took months for him to get over the fact I "went behind his back" and got a cat when it should've been a decision between the both of us. YES, I do agree with that, but that day he almost died in that fire, with me being at home alone, it scared me like no other. BUT, I believe I deserve to have her... sometimes it just drives me crazy!
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

LunarFelis is 100% correct. Cats are loveable creatures and deserve a good home and owner. Its very nice of you to keep your cat despite you're husbands dislike of them. I really like people who treat cats the way they should be treated. You definitely deserve her no matter what.... have a nice day :)

You deserve her. Enjoy her company, keep her safe, spoil her rotten - your fiance will learn to love her :)