Cats Are My Kids

Ive never lost a human close to me before, but when people tell me that their grandparents and relatives have passed on I understand their pain. When I hear on the news that a child is missing I can imagine the worries of the mother and father. WHY? you ask
Because Ive lost the most closest ones to me three times. I love my cats so much, I am willing to do anything for them no matter what it be. I was so devoted to my cats, I spent every minute of my spare time with them. I would never release my anger on them if I had a bad day, and just seeing them would bring me utter happiness. My first cat went missing and never came back, I was quite small and never really understood the slim chances of him coming back so I hoped and hoped for months and years, I was a bit older when I realised that HES GONE. The feeling of losing something so close to you feels like your heart has been pulled out of your chest, it can make the toughest cookie break into tears. I learned to accept the truth and although I did not forget him I moved on. 3 years later we found a stray cat and it was a girl, I loved her so much and I remember being afraid that if we took her to the vets for a micro chip scan they would find her real owners luckily they didn't but because I knew the torment of losing something we put up flyers of a found cat but no body came. I was absolutely in love with her, I would wake up in the middle of the night to give her treats and I would sit their stroking and patting her, I tried my very best to show her how much I loved her. 6 months later on a school night I realised that i hadn't seen her all day, it was normal for her to do this but this time I felt worried so I went to look for her. Days had passed and they were a total nightmare the idea of not being able to share my free time with my beloved cat was affecting me, I looked and looked for her and tried the very best I could but it was no use, on a sunday night there was a knock on my door
''I've found your cat'' said my neighbour, I was so happy I ran barefoot to her drive and she pointed at where my cat was, she was on the floor. I was so happy that it didn't cross my mind that she might have not been alive. I ran over to her and called her but as I got closer I realised something was wrong, she wasn't moving. My father knew that I was really close to her so he told me to go back in the house and let him and my older sister sort it out. I sat on the stairs thinking whether it was all just a dream and my sister came back with my cat in her arms, she had passed away. I couldn't believe it and i kept screaming ''NO!...NO!''
But deep down I knew my sister was right. I remember not being able to go sleep because I couldn't feel her next to me, I cried and cried and cried my self to sleep.
Later my dad came back from the shops with two kittens I was extremely happy and as always I devoted my life to them, I would give them food no matter how early in the morning it was and I would tend to their every need. I would always talk about them in school and I would always put them before me. I loved them so very much and I would spare every minute for them. 2 years later a terrible thing happened I hadn't been feeling very well so I was sleeping through the day, I didn't realise that one of my cats was missing. I remember my older sister telling my dad about it and he said not to tell me yet, but I was listening and I knew what happened my cat was gone! he had been missing and I wasn't with him for the last minutes he spent in my house. 2 days after he had gone missing, a man on our street found him dead in his garden and gave his body to us. I cannot describe the feelings that were building up inside of me, for some reason I blamed my self for it but I didn't know why. I still had his brother so I spent all the time with him to get my mind of off him. Days had passed and the pressure of losing 3 of my cats was making me mental, I started having mental breakdown and randomly crying I couldn't take it because he only passed on recently even now I have mental breakdowns. Its like everything is coming at me in one blow and for me crying is the solution , fortunately I still have his brother and I adore him. This is how my cats have affected me and if anyone reading this has kids then I want to let you know that the love you have for your children is no different to the love I have for my cats. I want to thank you for taking your time reading this AND PLEASE COMMENT

Oh and one last thing!

Narutard4ever Narutard4ever
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

thanks a lot. its good to know that people understand my feelings, have a nice day and thank you

You make a great cat mum :)

believe you will love it.
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