My Fur Baby

I have loved cats for as long as I could remember, but I haven't had one for years... until about a year ago one extraordinary cat came into my life. I had heard a kitten meowing outside my window. I quickly ran outside and saw an adorable white cat with raccoon like stripes with blue eyes. As I tried to catch him, he ran around the house in circles, never leaving the yard. When I finally cornered him, he squeezed under the fence and ran off into the dark, rugged terrain. I was disappointed, but retreated for the night. The next day while in the backyard, I saw the kitten sitting in the neighbor’s grass just silently meowing to himself. I ran to my neighbor and asked him if I could go into his backyard to catch the kitten. He enthusiastically offered his help and we were able to catch him. As soon as I grabbed him, he did not fight; he just let out a big sigh. He had matted hair, and green discharge coming from his nose. I gave him a bath and nursed him back to health. I named him “Mocha”. Ever since that day Mocha has been the sweetest cat and has such a great personality. I’m afraid my babying him has actually turned him into a baby (lol) as he follows me around the house all day and wants to be held. He gets no better satisfaction than sitting at my laptop and watching cat videos on YouTube.

I have found myself in difficult times in the last few months as I have become unemployed unexpectedly. Mocha has been my rock as I had been for him in those beginning months. He now as an infection and I’m trying to utilize any and all resources available out there. I would appreciate any information or support you can give me. Please take a look at Mocha’s story and pictures at the following link (found below). I’m devastated I can’t help my fur baby right now. Thank you for simply reading my story.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Thank you for your response RedRubies. I appreciate your suggestions. I currently have some items listed on eBay so fingers crossed. :) I have an initial exam with a vet this Monday and I hope that she will be able to work with me some sort of payment plan. I'm just feeling so guilty and sad; I feel like I'm failing him.

Awww... what a nice story and now you have a sick kitty :( Have you thought of working out a payment plan with the vet? Usually they are quite understanding of "life" circumstances and will work with you.

Alternatively, if you go to the SPCA, they are often significantly less expensive for certain procedures. You might call them to ask about any deals they have with vets who might offer low cost visits. Also try calling local cat rescue groups... they often have deals with vets and might know of some particularly helpful or compassionate vets who have been known to cut people a break.

Even temporary inconveniences such as selling your TV or computer are worth it to help a pet. Listing items on eBay of Craigslist might also be a way to bring in some quick cash. (You'd be surprised at what people buy!).

I'm sorry you are being hit with the loss of your job and a sick cat at the same time :(