My Rock

It might seem weird to think that a little kitty cat can be your "rock" when times are tough. My little one called Casper is nearly 2 and is pretty much my everything. He's like my little boy and I'm his mummy. When I'm upset or down he knows this and makes everything better, he gives me lots of cuddles in bed and is just so loving. He's had a lot of problems recently with his bladder but seems to be getting there. He's a cheeky wee thing and definitely one of a kind and not one person that's met him hasnt liked him. He's absolutely gorgeous and I love him so much.
cherryintoxicity cherryintoxicity
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

It's not strange at all! You are his mum, even though you're different species - family is more than blood sometimes :) I hope he gets well and you have a long life together. Peace out x