I love my little kitty. She's so cute and friendly!! I love it when she tries to grab my attention. Whenever I'm online she'll sit right in front of my monitor and make sure that she's noticed. Whenever she's hungry she'll meow until she gets my attention, then I give her stuffed morsels.

When she's good, I give her Party Mix cat treats. She loves playing with socks and with her cat friend Paul ( my sister's cat ) on their jungle gym. Whenever I fall asleep, day or night, she likes to hop on my bed and sleep near my feet. I like getting up and rubbing her fur with my foot as she stretches.

She likes shrimp. I once made a shrimp salad with ranch dressing and I left it on the counter to go and get my phone from my room. I come back and I see little nose prints in the dressing and the top shrimps are gone. I see Cobra not too far from where I was, with ranch dressing all over her face. I gave her trouble and scooted her away.

HappyZappyZaperson HappyZappyZaperson
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aww my cat steles my straws literally i leave a cup on my table and wake up and that little straw theft is at it agin my other cat bites my socks when there on my feet

Aw she sounds super cute!! I love cats I feel inspired to write a story about my snickers now :)