Free Cat W/ Tattoo

I've always been a cat person. I married a cat person. I just plain love cats.

My husband adopted a cat a few years before we got married, but he wanted me to have one of my own. I was fine with the one (who is currently asleep on my chest. Thank goodness for lap tops) and so we didn't really go looking for another.

Soon after I moved in with my new husband, I decided to get a tattoo. So, while I was having someone play with the back of my neck, my husband was talking to everyone else in the room.
When I was done, however, this girl walks over and plops a kitten in my arms. He was small. He was energetic. He was freaking adorable. He needed a good home, and apparently my husband told her how we (read HE) had been looking for another cat, so we brought him home.
The little kitten got along great with my husband's giant cat, and so he stayed. I love our boys! They are such a joy to have in my life.
Veriduin Veriduin
22-25, F
Jan 17, 2013