My Kitty Names

Hi! We Just saved two today at our rescue shelter, Benson (solid Black) and Barron (gray tabby) after putting down my sweet Ragdoll Bella 6 months ago. :( My first all gray kitty was gray with a white belly button, named Tinker (I was 5). Then came Opie, red haired, after Andy Griffith show. My saddest and short lived was this little Siamese I named him peaches i found at my apt complex. I nursed him to health and had had surgery on his teeth but never woke up. But he and Belle (Bella) lived in harmony together for a couple a years. We are excited for our two new additions tomorrow. You should have seen all black sweet cats there. The lady that worked there said people just do not want to adopt them for superstitious reasons. Isn't that ridiculous? Anyhow, my kitty name history. Oh, I had a friend that named his "Kittaay" too. Pretty funny :)
Amd1977 Amd1977
36-40, F
Jan 19, 2013