I Miss Having A Cat...

I'm getting older and older by the day and feel more lonely as well I am always tempted to get another cat but I dont think I can do it... I had a cat name Scooter for 20 years and I loved her so much we were so close and I remember when she passed away it broke me I can remember times even to this day when I will be in my room and my mind will drift back and think about her and I cry cause of how much I miss her she was my truest friend. I feel that if I got another one it would be like replacing her and I dont want to do that and I also know I cant handle another death like that.

Its funny when people in my family die I am ok with it even when a friend dies I will be ok with it but when Scooter died I wanted to die with her I feel like I cant go on with out her. I still kinda feel like that today as all my attempts to make connections with human beings fail, its kinda funny the only person I cared about and the only connection I had in my life so far has been with a cat. Strange to most but I think its the strange things that make life interesting.
bushi132001 bushi132001
26-30, M
Jan 24, 2013