My Crazy Cat

my cat"s name was MIDNIGHT. she was a completely black cat. she was 9 yrs when she died, a tragedy i must add.
Midnight, was my first and closest friend. she was born just a month be from I. as a kitten, she was fun loving, playful and happy. when i first walked, she was there with me to help me. we grew up together, played together and even ate together.
But when midnight turned 7, she changed. she became less playful and more mature, she wasn't overly receptive of people. i and my siblings were the only ones she accepted. she would brawl with me over dinner and fight with me over milk, i didn't know it then but she was suffering from a degenerative ailment. when she was diagnosed they found she only had 2 yrs left to live. so all of a sudden, midnight [middy] as i called her sprang back to live and became loving again. we used to go tree climbing together. we chased downs, and i taught her a few tricks and she got good at them. i taught her to bow when praying and she meowed "The Grace" with the family at prayer time.
I was devastated at her death and till date, i still miss her.

I'll never forget you MIDNIGHT
anodite anodite
18-21, M
Feb 1, 2013