I Have Another Cat Off The Freeway!

She's suffered a hard blow to the head, and has a little tearing in the corner of her eye...she may have broken sinus bones as well, but her head itself seems okay-no skull deformity or displacement.
Her pupil in the injured eye reacts to light...(the other eye may go blind due to bleeding inside the eye)
With head injuries, there's just not a lot to be done, really, that's been my experience with struck animals.  They either die or they don't.

I gave her *roughly* 1 milligram of prednisone to help bring the swelling down.  I'm hoping this will help any concussion or brain swelling...
So far so good, I've squirted a little food down her, no vomiting.

I imagine what happened was a car passed over her-when this happens to an animal, the turbulence under the car is such that the animal often strikes its' head on the pavement, causing concussion.

So I'll work on keeping her hydrated/fed with catfood puree, which ends up mostly in her during the squirting process.
We'll see how it goes.
hylierandom hylierandom
Feb 1, 2013