My Cat

I have a kitty and her name is Midnight and she is black completely with yellow eyes and little paws. I've had Midnight for years and she is my favorite pet I've ever had :D
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omg i love cats! i had one when i was like 11,and i just called it kitty! :) wish i have a kitten again,they are so darn cute! oh and btw love you'r cats name,its not that common..

My sister and I had a black cat with yellow eyes named midnight. We also has another black cat named Salem :)

Although my cat's name was Midnight, half the time I just called her Cat. My grandma would come over and go "pssh pssh c'mere Midnight, c'mere!" and when Midnight wouldn't respond my grandma would say "She is ignoring me." and I said "That is because she isn't used to that language." and Gram gets all sarcastic and says "Well what does she respond to then, hey cat?" and I said "Yes, actually! That IS what she responds to!" so she goes "Hey cat! Get over here!" and Midnight comes trotting over lol.

Aww so cute. Amazing how we name our animals and actually end up calling them something completely different lol. My Auntie had a cat she named Fatcat (yeah I know some name right!!!), but actually my Auntie always called her kitty-kitty. "Come here Kitty-kitty and she would come :)

Lol very true indeed :)

Many blessings your way, and to your lady feline friends. :) x

You are blessed. What super companions our cats are. How they enrich our lives.