Cats are very comforting. They make me feel better. From the time I was born until I was nine I had three cats. Two boys and a girl. Siblings. They all were about  19 when they died. The first, Stinker, just died of old age. I think on a Monday. The second, Curly, Disappeared when our Lizards escaped, and he never came back. The third, Daphne, died of a broken heart. They were people raised, my mom fed them by bottle when they were babies. I loved them. Daphne came by to visit after she died a couple of times. She had a very strong scent, and we'd smell it sometimes. Then after that a cat who lived across the street sort of adopted us. One day he was on out lawn and I played with him. he was a really frisky tomcat. His owners weren't very nice, and they abused him. So he started coming over more. WE took him to the vet and found out he had Feline leukemia. We moved a couple months after that, and brought him with us. He was really bad off and wound up collapsing under the bathroom sink. We wound up taking him in to the vet where they put him to sleep, wrapped in his pink blanket. And then a couple months later, we got another cat. It felt kind of wrong to get another pet so soon, but it also felt really wrong o to have a cat in the house. So, we got another Boy-cat, and we still have him. He's a nice cat. :)
BlackIsTheColor BlackIsTheColor
18-21, F
May 30, 2007