Yeah Who Doesn't Love Kittens, Lol

I have had a kitten/cat all my life. My husband deals with them they aren't his fave animal. He would have a fit if he were here now. I have 6 cats at the moment. My cat I've had for years had her first litter. I got a tom cat from the animal shelter out here and had him fixed but I guess not quick enough, lol. I have four beautiful kittens.
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1 Response Jun 10, 2007

Awwww - I am so jealous!! I have three cats! I first got three when I moved here, Rocky, Rambo and Princess....but Rocky ran away! Then Princess had babies :)<br />
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I sold two of them and kept one, I named him Kevin - Kev the cat LOL! :)<br />
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Newborn kittens are the sweetest thing ever!! Princess was such a good mum :)