My Favorite Kitty Is Nibs the Billionaire Cat

I have always liked cats over any other animal having a cat now that has her own bedroom, bath room and lounge chair in my living room. But my favorite cat is Nibs the Billionaire cat, the same Nibs from the book Nibs goes to London because this Nibs helps the down-trodden in both humans and animals and in His Majesty King Nibs the second book he actually buys an island and becomes its king and brings in humans and animals from around the world giving the homeless a home, the hungry food and the umemployed ideal jobs, free medical and dental help. And soon the whole world loves Nibs as he rescues the oppressed, the down & out, the down-trodden and the homeless of all animals and humans with three million cats moving to his island.
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3 Responses Jun 10, 2007

I have heard that some cats are psychic.. It's really strange -sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night--my cat will be waiting at the door - to come in....

FINALLY! Someone who loves cats JUST AS MUCH AS I DO!!!

I got to see what the deal is with this cat: Runs off to find the book.