Kitty Love

When I lived in england, I had 13 cats for a short while, but, sadly, I lost five of them, under the age of six, to different illnesses.

Now We have three - a Ragdoll, a Maine Coon and a Russian Blue.
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4 Responses Jun 11, 2007

Our Toidle is very very intuitive.. He always comes when I am upset.. he always knows. Cats are amazing creatures.

Cats are very loving pets. I have four indoor cats and one outdoor. The time they seem to come around more is when I'm not feeling so good. They are always there.

Bunnies are cute too. We now have two cats, seven snakes, a hamster and a horse.

13 cats, how cool!! We only have 5. We also have 3 bunnies. they are cool too.