Two Nine Year Old Cats

My two girls were adopted from Ballantine Cat Trust in London UK 9 yaers and 1 month ago. Both girls are within a week or two in age (not sisters, but they don't know). They are both tuxedo cats. In the UK they are called "moggies". Bought their first collars at the Cat Box store (now closed) in W1 London.

Victoria is 15 pounds and Josephine is a hefty 18. Both girls have big bones. They hated the trip to the USA and don't care for car rides. They will put the dogs in their place - the new upstarts, 3 dogs from 70 pounds to 90 pounds...funny to see Josephine chase them except for the damages...

46-50, M
1 Response Jun 15, 2007

Every time I see a dog going after a cat, rather than fearing for the cat, my first reaction is "Dog, you better hope you don't **** that kitty off." My mum has two terriers that go after the neighbors cats, and I am just waiting to hear about how they finally got the cat corned, and came home sorry they did!