I have always been a cat person, understandably so. The first day they brought me home after I was born, my older brother's siamese cat Buddy, slept under my crib. He did that every night after that, too. He used to even try to sleep in my crib with me, but my mom wouldn't let him cause it scared her. As I grew up, I was Buddy's baby. He would sleep with me every night, and preferred me out of the family. He was a shy cat, and often hid around the house, but when he came out, he came out to be with me. Last summer, Buddy died on my bed at my father's house, waiting for me to come home. I lost it. This cat was seventeen years old. He was my baby. I loved him... and he loved me. He used to meow untill I said, "I love you, Buddy." I could say anything else before that. He would just keep meowing.

Now, I live with my mother still and I have one cat. Her name is Mischa. We've had her for three years... and she is a siamese. She likes to pick on me. And prefers me out of the family. Its funny how cats know when you need them. Buddy always did... and Mischa does now. I also have the wild cats outside... one who comes and visits me at night (for food) sometimes. His name is Hendrix (can you guess who after?!). I love my cats.... I always will!

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Though I can not relate thru cats, I can dogs...and I know how it feels to lose your "baby"....so *hugs* from me to you.