4 Cats Share Their Home With Me...

My first pet was a kitten that my dad let me pick out of a litter when I was 5. After trying several names that she wouldn't respond to she selected the name Kitty for herself- I know, really creative. She was my close friend all the way from first grade through my high school graduation. She was one of those kitty's who picks their 'person' and ignores everyone else, and i was "her person."  I guess she trained me to be a cat lover!  

I share my home with 4 Ragdoll cats now- Sophie and Benjamin who are brother and sister and are about 4 years old, and Julian and Gertrude who are about 2 years old. Julian and Gertrude came along shortly after my father died, I was expereincing so much grief over losing him that I thought maybe two more kittens would pull me through. They certainly did help me through!

Ragdoll cats are so good natured- they don't scratch or bite or fight (well, Gertrude has been known to take a swipe at Sophie now and then) - unfortunately they do SHED! 

RebeccaRSR RebeccaRSR
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1 Response Jun 29, 2007

Aww,kitties have helped me through bad times too,in fact they seem to show up when I need them and they need me.<br />
I had a big red floofy guy who also only liked kitty as a name. I was quite innovative as I added Big to the front. Edgy,I know.LOL. He was the neatest cat,he would wait for me to wake up in the morning by staring at me intently and getting closer and closer until his nose touched my face then he would take off running like crazy usually with me hot in pursuit. When I got a dobie pup who was quite loud(he could imitate a fire truck) Big Kitty casually lobbed him a unopen loaf of bread as I found out when I got home from work. The puppy ate the entire loaf including the plastic wrap and had eliminated it for me to clean up.Ack! He was one of the best kitties ever,he died when he was only 5 years old and it took me a long time to get over him. I of course have more kitties now and they are all different and lovable but I sure remember Big Kitty.<br />
I don't know what I would do without kitties.<br />
The guy down the street from me has an adorable siamese kitten about 6 months old who is so friendly. When kitty sees me he runs across the yards to come visit. Guy has been leaving him indoors for a few days and I've pondered the idea of ringing the door bell and asking him if his cat could come out and play. I'm wierd,I know.