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The Stray That Changed Me

I am in my late twenties and never really cared for cats. I thought they were annoying and moody and never thought of owning one. One day I found a stray and brought her home because I felt bad and thought about trying to get her adopted. She was full of fleas and famine. I bathed her and spent the whole night and the following day taking fleas and ticks off of her. She started to follow me around everywhere and went and sleep on top of me at night. She is the sweetest thing ever. I spend all day playing and pampering her and she brings me so much joy. I don't have kids so she became my child. I know it sounds corny but she is teaching me love beyond myself and I can't wait to make her the happiest kitty ever.

yellowduckie yellowduckie 26-30 87 Responses Nov 19, 2008

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Awesome story!!! I think it changed me too.....😉

Really nice story. There is a saying that is used by one rescue group and that says "You may not change the world by adopting a cat but you can change the world for one cat."

Nice story. My cat was a stray too.
They are a lot of fun to have around.

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:) sweet share.

Really beautiful story! I love cats too.

I have three cat's a Siamese,Maine Coon,and a tiger .I adore them all!

kitties are awesome, I love mine too. We have 3, all from humane society or "free to good home" kitties. I love that they are independent too!! Your kitty sounds like it will be well loved andtaken care of, good luck and GOD BLESS!!

It's amazing how a you changed one cat's life and she changed yours too. I'm very happy for the two of you

you should have proposed. :D kidding aside, I have two dogs and i cat, they all grew together and never fight, when it comes to feeding though, the cat becomes the UNDERCAT! meow.

*and one cat.

My cat did the same thing. Cats choose you. Since you rescued her you showed your cat love so she loves you back.

Something tells me that you where meant to take that cat home, It was meant to happen.

Reading your story and the comments by others makes me sad. I'm living away from my two cats right now, my big fluffy, black-but-turning-grey-haired, Kira, and my Siamese/Tabby, Billy. He's been my (sounds pathetic) best friend for 11 years now, and she for less than half of that. They're a province away and my apartment doesn't allow pets, though I'm beginning a search for one that does. Cats are such unique animals, I adore them.

Wow! I can't believe that this thread has been going on for three years. <br />
<br />
I, too, have a really sweet cat that sleeps with me at night. He's my constant companion and I can't imagine not having him around. When I'm down, he seems to know and will stick close to me for comfort.

If that is the pic of your cat she is beautiful. Looks like a Burmese; I have two Burmese sisters and they are so loving. Thanks for being a good friend to the cat. They are amazing creatures.

You were the person your cat was looking for.

I have 3 cats--all strays.<br />
<br />
My cats adopted me and now allow me to live in the house with them so I can feed and care for them.

Sounds like you got adopted. Cats are great...they do bring lots of joy.

my 9 year old moggy waz a stray kitten too. love her so much and she's brought me so many years of joy. thanks for sharing about your kitty, rated this up too. ;)

I truly believe that it takes a special person to own a cat, for it is not the person that chooses the cat but the cat that chooses the person. My cat polly is now 12 years old and she still behaves like a kitten . She is a very happy cat who purrs when I wake up when i say good morning , she follows me everywhere and sits on my lap or on my shoulder she even waits by the door and meows when I put the key in the door however she does not tolerate other people at all especially children or men, she has never hurt them she just chooses to stay away and hide in bed. Polly has shown me what love and loyalty is and because of her unique ways I could not imagine life without her.

Cats stay with you because they want to. Dogs on the other hand are pack animals and are always looking for a pack leader. Cats are sometimes aloof and this is their way of making sure you don't get too full of yourself. Cats are great levelers and are very smart.


Awwh, I can so relate. I recentley got a new cat a beautyfull Bengal. She has totally changed the energy of our home everyone loves her especially me we allready have an intence bond. She follows me everywhere and the love she shows me and the way she looks at me fills my heart with so much love. She is looking at me right now lol half asleep.

I wasn't sure about cats either, but one stray decided to followed me home one night last year and kept me until last friday when he was killed by a driver coming out of his driveway.. I wish he was still here waiting for me when I come home from work everyday. He was a great cat, so much so that I hope he does have a soul so I can see him again in 80 or so years. Honestly I can't wait to see him again.. Requiscat In Pace, Maus.

the reason i like cats: they are lazy, spoiled and proud to be one ..just like me

the reason i like cats: they are lazy, spoiled and proud to be one ..just like me

This story was written in 2008 and is still good enough for me say : very good posting!!! We have actually a simular story to tell. My partner took our cat in and the big lovely puss is now laying on top of me every morning since 2008 in fact!! Val :-)

cat's are a woman's best friend... or so i have witnessed.

i hated cats when i was young. liked books like' one hundred uses for a dead cat'...really, that bad lol...but then i moved into my first home in cleveland's east side. a beautifl stray white cat, we later named ziggy, came up to me and imedatly opened my heart. he adopted me..he was 'waiting' for me/us to arrive i knew..and he was lined up to be my kitty...i knew this instantly..God had opened my heart to something new and unexpectled.:)

cats are annoying and moody... just like people! that's one of the things i love about both. cats are actually much less demanding than people. i have had between one and three most often two, and they're always strays. thanks for sharing, nice story.

I tend to do what you did but with--dogs.<br />
That unconditional love is, in a word, addicting.<br />
No accidents I always say.<br />