A few years ago my husband and I rescued a darling white persian kitten perhaps 6 months of age. The poor thing was found where we work and eating whatever scraps of food that people would offer. It was late autumn and getting quite cold at night, so we set out to catch her. She was deaf and terrified of people, had a bad ear infection and fleas. She would growl and hiss like a wild cat.

It took a lot of time, patience and love for her to turn around and be the sweet and loving creature that she is now. Straya adores us and we adore her.

I have had cats most of my life, and they each have their own personalities. Wonderful animals!

Tylorian Tylorian
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I love strays . I took in a stray . I called him tom tom. my friend across the way has now adopted him. he has been taken to vets and had a apses removed

Naw you're a wonderful and caring person!