I Am a Big Cat Lover Too

I have always loved cats. They have always brought laughter and joy to me, through the years and I have been without cats, but 3 ears ago, my neighbors found a stray cat under their car, so the coaxed it in the house and they had it for 10 days before I got her. Their 1 cat did not get along with her so I took her in, and she just turned 4 yrs old June 1, she is a very inquizitive cat always trying to get into things she shouldn't. She is rtuly a lot of fun.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2007

Ummmm...excuse but you seem to be rather befuddled. If you adore cats sooooooo much why do you have a tiger as you profile picture? It’s all very confusing don’t you think huh?

We had a cat once. Adopted it from the SPCA, after about 4 weeks he escaped out the back door climbed up our big tree in the back yard and stayed up there all day couldn't get down and meowwed for hours really loud. Eventually we had to call the fire department to go up and get the little thing. It was sorta funny we had the neighbors all watching this big rescue. <br />
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Unfortunatly the fluff ball didn't learn his lesson 2 weeks later he escaped again right back up that same old tree. And Once again we had to rescue him and eventually had to give him up for adoption.