OOOOO Me Toooo!!!!

My best friend has 17 cats and they are all absolutely awesome... 3 of them are mine. One is called Flaming ***** because she is fire engine red and has an extremely long tail longer than her body.. and an extremely long tongue that always hangs out along with large foxlike ears... The second is called cracker cause she is snow white with bright blue eyes and she is 100% deaf... The third is a new kitty that I havn't named yet but she is sooooooooooo cute... i taught her to climb up my back and sit on my shoulders and my friend is cussing me out for it cause she does it whenever she wants attention haha! The only drawback is having to clean the house top to bottom every single day.
Xeno Xeno
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1 Response Jul 12, 2007

havn't decided yet... I am leaning towards Saladin