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I have two cats, both adopted from a shelter. Sometimes they can be annoying and drive me crazy such as when they dig old chicken out the trash can but I love them,
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10 Responses Jan 11, 2007

I hear that, I also have two. they will go at it sometimes! and drive me crazy, running around, knocking over all the picture, candles, everything! That's when the water bottle comes out! LOL

I have to question the title of your story. Who owns who?

Had one cat that lived 23 years. Have two cats now adopted at the same time. One is a chubby female tortoise shell that has many names, Autumn, Miss Priss, Kitten, Ms Bitey, Murr etc. the other is a very mellow gray tabby tom cat who stands up about four feet tall. Both are inseparable and you see the sleeping together a lot. The big tom will lay his head on the smaller ones torso. Have always loved cats.

mmm chickn .. mmm garbage... I think I may be a kitten after all.

My cats bring me gifts.... such as half a rabbit...or bird legs....they place them under the dining room table so we can all chow down together :)

Cats are beautiful, i have nine house cats, I could not live without them.

LOL -- what a great description! No matter what they do, you just can't help but love them!

i just wish people would stop hurting little poor animals...:(

Kitties are pawsome!

LOVE LOVE truly cats! i have one cat that has already 12 years, she was abandoned as a little kitty and i adopt her, she's my life!