I Love Cats More Than Anything In the World!

I'm a perfectly normal and intelligent person. And I love cats - I mean I REALLY LOVE CATS! I can't think of anything on this earth that I love more.

I love everything about them - how they move, how they sit, how they sound, how they smell, how they feel - I could just watch them for hours, even when they are sleeping!

At the moment I only have one cat, a handsome tabby called Ricky.  I picked him out at the animal shelter and I do everything for him, including giving him cat treats every day. However, he is in love with my husband! He won't sit on my lap but he will jump on my husband whenever he sits down. Just my luck. I'm thinking of adding another cat to our household.                                                                                                           







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6 Responses Jan 30, 2009

This is a great feeling to love someone! Especially cats. I love them more than anything even myself. They are the most truthful creatures. I can trust them more than humans!!! Still I do not have one but i used to have. But it is dead it was so sick and did not had any cure for that disease. I remember how she smelled. Her pure eyes. Sometimes when I go in a car the clouds gather together to form her beautiful face. Her little paws. It is even perfect to see them play. A creeping feeling comes to my heart when i think about them. Listen to this song of Miley Cyrus " True Friend'. Then you will see what I mean. A truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeee friend is hard to find.

Don't feel bad! My boys prefer their daddy too :) They love me, but boy they REALLY love him. Just like some people have stronger connections with others, kitties are the same way. Of course, I love all of my ooglybooglies!

I love all kinds of animals but I especally love cats. I got five cats at home. Becasue of them, I can't travel anymore. However, the happiness of being together with them really outweights anything that I have lost, including my freedom.<br />
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I like sleeping with them. If there is no cat around me, this is simply not alright for me. I like holding them up to kiss their cheeks, ears, mouths. and play with their whiskas. Although they don't always like it, I got so obessed with them. <br />
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My friends say i am strange. But this is the way I am.

Don't worry about your cat prefering your husbands lap.<br />
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Some cats prefer male company....and by the same token....some prefer female company. <br />
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My sons original cat is old now and she only wants me. His other cat loves me at dinner time.....but worships the ground my son walks on.

My sister has just added 3 more cats to her household !<br />
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A pregnant cat was discarded in the neighbourhood and chose my sister (I believe our cats choose us) She had 4 kittens....2 went to other homes and the other 2 with mother cat were intergrated into her home with an older male ( he had been neutered).<br />
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Now "Lady" has also been neutered to prevent any further pregnancies (they are really rapes as several fathers were involved with the last litter she had)<br />
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Leo....my sisters original cat just adores the kittens and plays with them and sleeps with them. I even saw him grooming them.<br />
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I think the trick here is to make sure Ricky is neutered before introducing a new cat. Ricky will continue to be the alpha-male in the household and strangely enough, I find in my own house, my Tom is not challenged by the younger ones. In his 14 years he has accepted many others and currently shares me with 6 other cats.

I agree completely! I adore cats also! At present I have two cats that I fostered from the Humane Society when they were only 3 wks old and very sick. After I got them well and old to be adopted out, I decided to keep them It's a long story. You didn't say how old Ricky is, but be careful if you get another smaller kitten for yourself. There will be a territory fight. I'm surprised that Ricky prefers your husband if you are the one who gives him treats. The treat giver is usually Queen! Are you the one who feeds him? Has he been fixed yet? That usually makes males more affectionate and calmer. As much as you love cats, I'm sure that you understand Ricky's independence. Sometimes, if you ignore them and act like you don't care if they pay attention to you, they become more interested. Kind of like men, you know. LOL