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I Love Kitties but I Can't Have One

I love cat's so much and we used to have one and I miss it so much but I can't have a cat anymore because my brother developed a very bad allergy to them and he almost died, so I probably never gonna have a cat
GrueneRose GrueneRose 22-25 9 Responses Jan 18, 2007

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I hope thats not true, and that away can be made so you can have one. Cats are the spice of life !!

I went about 8 years without a cat. After the death of my wife I eventually moved in to look after my mother. She wouldn't have an animal in the house. When she died I soon got a kitten which is now my loving companion.

Volunteer for animal rescue or humane society combing and playing with cats!

Ummmm...excuse me but you seem to be rather befuddled. If you adore cats sooooooo much why do you have a ridiculous looking horse with what I can only guess to be a giant thorn glued to its head as you profile picture? It’s all very confusing don’t you think huh?

I understand the allergy thing.I am highly allergic.I found out Siberian cats are less allergy producing.Has anyone else had this experience?.

I understand the allergy thing.I am highly allergic.I found out Siberian cats are less allergy producing.Has anyone else had this experience?.

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that sucks but dont worry you'll have a cat<br />
cause I have allergies with cats too but my sister dosnt but we got a cat

I agree with the last comment. You will have a cat one day! I was never allowed to have a cat when I was growing up because my mom didn't like how much they shed. Both of my brothers were allergic to them too. Once I moved out I adopted a cat and I have had him for 3 years. I have since moved home and now my parents love him just as much as I do. Don't be sad! There will be plenty of cats for you once you decide to get one again.

I am passionate about cats too. I can't keep a cat because I live along and work very long hours. My cat would be lonely all day and not looked after the way a cat deserves to be. I understand your unhappiness in the issue. <br />
Perhaps one day when you live on your own or move to another place for work or get married, then you can keep a cat again. Keep your chin up. The future is a long time! <br />
<br />
Imanain in India.