I used to hate cats, based on personal experience of course, my family owns a very large, very anti-social cat, named Figaro. He entered our lives when I was 6 years old. Being a 6 year old I just wanted to play with him, but oh no, Figaro would not have that. This is the cat that disliked every human being that came to our house, including us.
From this moment on, I disliked all cats, I actually thought that Figaro was conspiring against us and was "evil".
Luckily, this changed when I was given a kitten for my 15th birthday, Oscar. We became friends at once and, oddly, Figaro also became friends with her, and showed a friendly side we had never seen before, it was like a new cat had emerged.
Earlier this year, we purchased our third cat, Onyx, who is now a great member of the family.
I am now a proud cat lover, I consider them, Oscar especially, my best friends.
PukekoTree PukekoTree
18-21, F
Aug 6, 2007