I have always been a lover of cats. When I was a little girl I was allergic to cats but that never stopped me from playing with cats. I went to one of my friends birthday parties and they had a cat that was sick and I didn't want the cat to be alone being that it was sick and all so I picked it up and was giving it love and then my eyes were itching and watering. Well boy did I catch heck when I got home but that didn't stop me from playing with cats. I now have a cat of my own and he has been really helpful.

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I think that is very awesome. If I could have more than one cat I would get another one but where I live I can only have one. I don't know what I would do without my Jimmy. He is really loveable.

I am a cat worshiper. I was never allowed to have cats when I was a kid, but when I turned 21 I got my first. I have 4 right now - Daisy, Oliver, Maya and Willow. Maya and Willow were two feral cats that someone caught and brought into the house. They have been living with me since October, 2008. They have the markings of Bengal Cats and are sweet and beautiful. My cats are my best friends. They have always loved me no matter what I did, what I looked like, or anything else. My cat Daisy is mostly Siamese with beautiful blue eyes. She is one smart cookie, and says "no" and "mom". I swear. My neighbor told her to get out of the way one day, and a second later yelled to me "your cat just said no to me!" I will have cats for the rest of my life.