Cat Needs Tooth Removed

My seven year old tabby needs a tooth removed. I have to wait till I get my tax return money to get him in to do it. I hate to wait but I am already trying to pay off a 2000 dollar vet bill from when my dachshunds had to have extensive dental work last year.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Or take you tabby to another vet ...have the work done and pay it off.......<br />
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I would hate to have to wait that long to get rid of a tooth prob especially as cats can't have paracetamel for pain !

Ohh poor baby! I know how you feel though. All three of my cats are due for their shots, and my newest member of the family, my 5 month old kitten, needs to be spayed! <br />
It just keeps on adding up doesn't it? Lol