Please Keep My Cat Kasha In Your Thoughts and Prayers

I took my cat Kasha to the vet the other day because her eyes were clouded over and funky looking.  My vet had me take her to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital immediately because what had happened was that Kasha had ulcers on her eyes and some kind of infection.  She could lose her eyes if not immediately taken care of.  The emergency place was 45 mins away and I waited with my kitty for 5 hours before we saw an emergency vet.  It wasn't even an Opthamologist, as my original vet had recommended.  The Emergency vet gave me 3 meds to give my poor kitty.  One to give her every day orally, one to give her every *other* day in her eyes, and one to give her *every hour* in the eyes.  That last one is my specialty.  I have to set my alarm clock and wake up all night long, every hour on the hour, to give Kasha her meds so she will get better.

My vet also happened to have been a high school friend of mine:)  She and I had a conversation and she thought it was horrible that Kasha and I had to wait 5 hours and didn't even get to see the Opthamologist.  She put a Kasha was seen at 3:30 by both the emergency vet and the Opthamologist and he said to keep doing what we're doing and to see him again in a week.

So that's where we stand now.  Kasha gets drops in her eyes every hour on the hour for the next week.  It's hard because she doesn't like it (I don't blame her) and sometimes I'm up all night and have to take naps during the day during which my mom takes over for me.  Kasha's a really special cat!

Please keep Kasha in your thoughts and prayers that she doesn't lose her eyes.  This is the most aggressive treatment available but even now they aren't sure if it will work.  I'm trying my hardest.

Licorice Licorice
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1 Response Aug 9, 2007

=( Poor kitty! I hope she recovers, good luck.