They Are Gone...

13 years ago our lovely mother Turkish Van cat gave birth to 3 cutey. The one who seems like Dalmatian dogs died after a couple of days. 6 years ago the mother cat died too. From their birth I have lived with my two sweet odd-eyed (one eye blue, one eye green) Van cats. I ate with them, slept with them, played with them. When I cried one of them always came and touch my face just like trying to stop my cry. When I am happy, they were happier than me. We lived a great time with them. My son and my daughter. My cat son had a peptic ulcer in his stomach and had some other bowel diseases. He passed away two years ago. He had some dog-like and human-like behaviours. Especially I will not forget mornings with him. Each morning he came to me started to slap my cheeks slightly, when I turned my face to the other way, he slaped my other cheek. He was so lovely. Then last year my dear daughter became ill. There was a problem with her ovary. In two days, she has gone too. We were alone without the dearest members of our family. The life was so hard without their big love in their little bodies. My daddy would have loved them very much. But one month ago my beloved dad, he passed away. Now I understood the real loneliness.

aysanmed aysanmed
Feb 15, 2009