My 3 Stooged Cats

Always been an animal lover, but im partial to cats. i have 3 of them now, sabastian is 12 yrs old, he's my buddy teddy-he's grey and white and long hair-beautiful, my female cat is sasha-shes a beautiful gray tabby with an attitude-shes 3 yrs old and she was wild when we got her, then she had kittens and we kept one gave the others away, the one we kept is smokey hes 2 yrs old now hes a beautiful black grey white...they are all fixed and they will snuggle together at times, but sasha has an attitude toward her son and when awake doesnt want anything to do with him. he will want to play and she will hiss. Got to love em all though. they are wonderful to have, and if we lived out in the country, i would have more.

icameleon2 icameleon2
36-40, F
Feb 16, 2009