Crazy Thing

I have foriegn white siamese cat ands it is the most ridiculas creature ever to draw breath. The things it does are never right. It sits on top of the door when it i spart open and when you pass it flies at you like a demented bat , all claws and wild eyes , not in an eviol way , it just plays. Doe anyone else have one of this things and does yoyrs bring a new dimension to the word "strange" ?

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7 Responses Feb 17, 2009

had one that my kids would torment with a laser light. HAHA!! you shoulda seen that silly thing wrap itself in contorsions tryin to get that invisible teeny tiny spec that would suddenly disappear as fast as it had appeared and it pissed the crap outta him!!! LMAO!~! Funniest thing u ever saw in your life. He kept us entertained for hours on end

My neighbor has a cat that bites people, (although, she gas never bit me) Her name is Pearl . He says she is a reverse tortoise shell calico. I say she is one smart cat. She knocks him on the head when she wants his attention,if he's resting. It's quite a fiasco! She has him wrapped around her little finger. He is well trained.

I used to have a siamese. He repressed his weirdness so that he became completely paranoid about everyone but me. He was also a cheeky, mouthy little bastard at times; he always had to have the last word. And when he got ringworm, we had to wash him, which was a nightmare; he grew more legs, which were extremely long reaching (even for a siamese), and it took three of us to wash him.

My significant other has three cats Smudge Nicky and Maddie who all allow me live with them , which my significant other thinks is very amusing , the worst offender is Smudge she never stops talking ...... for me to say I love them would be a lie perhaps if they were in a stew with a nice gravey some vegatables with a nice bottle of red I could perhaps be heard to comment .. :o)

I love my cats, all of them have different personalities.<br />
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One is particularly "strange" he would run around the house as if being chased by bees! Up curtains,across doors, atop cupboards,up and down the hallway .....all in one run! He'd do this several times a day for about 4 it wasn't just a kitten thing.<br />
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He also crept up upon a bird sitting on the edge of the roof. He got close enough to pounce upon it and catch it as it took off....then the silly cat had to decide whether to let go of the bird and land on his four paws or crash to the ground with bird in mouth. He chose to let the bird go, and as he fell to the ground, he turned and hissed at the bird! I wish I'd had a video camera...


I HAVE 2 cats :D<br />
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they are every thing for me. cant be without them =)