My Oldest Cat Is Driving Me Insane!

I love cats and currently have 4 with 2/3 visitors daily! My oldest cat is nearly 17 (in March) and has taken to pooing anywhere mainly in my bedroom. I have a litter tray obviously and a cat fla on the back door, hence the visitors, so all cats can come and go as they please. I have had him since he was 6 wks old and apart from the usual thinness that besets an old cat he is otherwise healthy and alert.

My teens hate hate him because he is nowold and smelly! Probably a sign of things to come!!

corbett corbett
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Cats never poop outside the litterbox unless something is wrong. At his age, there is probably something wrong, esp if he has lost weight. Esp pooping. When my beloved Lucie did that (started pooping on my bed), I was amazed. Months later, she developed multiple breast tumors. Strangely, once that was diagnosed, she never did it again! I have a friend who is going thru what you are with his 18 yr old cat. If you don't mind cleaning up the mess, think of him as a beloved very old man who needs Depends. he may not be able to get to the box fast enough b/c of arthritis and/or kidney problems, common in old male cats. Try having more boxes available. Make sure the sides are low enough for him to get in w/o problems. Make sure he has a place in the sun to lie. Give him a heating pad. Try to keep him in one room, so he doesn't mess up the house and doesn't have too far to go for food, water and box. Give him lots of treats and TLC. You may not have him long. If you have the money to take him to the vet and have tests run, there may not be much else you can do at this point. When he quits eating, that may be the end. Esp if he starts to hide or make a lot of noise. As long as cats eat, leave them alone. When they quit eating, it's a very bad sign. If you are lucky, he may just lie down and go to sleep and not wake up. Otherwise, you may have to put him to sleep. A hard choice, but, at least, you can be with him. he's had a long, good life. Try to make the end as pleasant as possible for the old guy. I've been there -- it's so hard.