Alex is my beloved short-haired brown tabby. I first met him about 11 years ago when a guy I worked with brought him to my office, saying he found him hanging out in the grass outside the building. He was sooo tiny and couldn't have been more than a month old. As he sat in my lap staring up at me with very cute big eyes, I noticed that he had a burn on his nose, a scratch on his ear, and other signs of abuse.

I wasn't looking for a new cat, but Alex got attached to me quickly and I didn't know anyone else who wanted to take him in. I already had an amazing, loving, beautiful black cat named Supercat. He just passed away a few months ago and it's still difficult for me to write about him. So, I'll simply say that I love and miss him very much.

Alex can be pretty unpredictable at times. He can go from super sweet to super mean in a matter of seconds, but he's mellowed out a lot over the last few years. He's really sweet most of the time. When he's not napping in a favorite spot or lounging on me, Alex enjoys playing like a kitten, biting, scratching, me-yowling, and chasing me around the house, trying to bite my ankles and legs.

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Awww Alex! And sweetheart I had no idea about your cat. I do understand I had a dog as a child and when I grew up and left home he died shortly after. You always remember them. Bless your sweet heart. Sound like you have your hands full with Alex When he acts up dress him up like a baby and carry him around they hate that. lol

oh, i love cats too. its their personalitys!

I love cats too, baked with a little butter...LOL. no really I have had two cats who both died in unpleasant ways...i could use a good mouser though...sorry for your loss..."'cause Charles knows a dog is as good as any man".

Thank you :)