Caressing the Tiger!

Cats have to be one of the neatest animals on the planet.I love the big cats especially the Siberian Tiger the biggest cat on the planet at 800 pounds for some.But I like the little housecats to(desended from the North African Wildcat).

A few years back when I still live with Mom I had three Sasha,Billy,and Lucy.Sasha I dont waht she was as a breed but she looked like she may have had Himalayan and Siamese(she had big blue eyes).Billy was black and white and it looked like he had a mustache.Lucy was black and white with perfect markings.She could have been on a food bag photo.

All three were adopted.Sasha my sister found out in the boondocks trying to survive on garabgae scraps.My sister who found her asked if we wanted her.Ya go ahead and bring her we said.Billy was just hanging around so we took him in.Lucy was born in the wild and was an orphan.She was shy around people but took to us okay.

Man the funny times watching those cats.One time we put a bowl of homeade chicken soup in front of Sasha.It almost looked as if she hooked a potato with one claw and through it to Lucy,lol!And they were very smart and good mousers.They earned thier keep around the house.And they loved attention and were very affectionate,even Lucy.I often woke up with three cats around me.

A few years ago all three cats were getting very old and sick.Thier hair was coming out and nothing seemed to help them.And they could not seem to hold on to use the litter box or go outside.So Mom decided to not let them suffer anymore and put painlessly put them to sleep.All three are buried together ina corner of her garden.She often jokes that them being buried there gives her flavorful tomatoes,lol!

Whenever I go over there though I still miss saying Hi to my three feline buddies.I almost expect Sasha to come rolling around my legs like she did.They were good cats and I dont think you could replace them.You cannot replace any animal once gone.They are as unique as people are!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
41-45, M
Feb 23, 2009