The cat we had in my house up to January last year was a big cat called Kevin, named after the Harry Enfield character.

To state he was a cat is a misnomer as he behaved more like a dog. Instead of sitting on my lap, he would get right up close to me and then paw me for attention. If he couldn't sit on my lap, he would find some way to sit on me. Then if he didn't get enough attention then rub my face to be smoothed. If he didn't get enough attention he would stretch his paws to want to smooth him.

Sadly he kept it to himself that he was in any pain and found too late how ill he was, and had to have him euthanized. Miss him as he was stroppy but was so nice at times.
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Unfortunately, cats do hide their ailments well. Guess it's part of their "cool" mystique.