Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok.
I know I don't post in here very often and I'm sorry about that and I've always liked seeing the photos of your gorgeous Torties but right I need to post to people that might understand.

On Saturday, my poor Tortie, Flapjack, passed away. She was only 2 years old and she literally only just turned 2 as well. I found her yesterday and it was obvious she'd been there long enough for her to have passed on Saturday at some point. What is bothering me the most is that when I last saw her she was absolutely fine. If it's ok with everyone I'd like to share the details of everything as I feel that it might help me cope to share because if I'm honest I'm not doing very well. So this might be quite long and if it's too much then please tell me, I won't be offended.

On Saturday morning at 10:20 I let Flapjack outside as I would normally do at some point in the morning and she seemed perfectly fine. She was scratching at the door as she would do normally and she wasn't sick. I let my other cat outside at the same time as well. Then at 12:00 my wife and I went in to Town for a "date day" as we do every Saturday and we got home at 19:20 and our Cats are used to this and when we got back our other cat came to greet us as normal but Flapjack was nowhere to be seen as she would normally greet us as well which was odd but we thought maybe she just didn't want to come home yet. Then by 23:00 she was still nowhere to be seen and that was really odd for her as she would normally have come in by then as she loves her food so we got a bit worried so I called for her, waited and kept calling her but nothing but we decided after a while that we would see what we could do the next day as it wasn't necessarily unusual for her to stay outside all night but considering this wasn't her usual behaviour we were still worried. Come Sunday morning she was still nowhere to be seen and I went to look for her and I called after her but nothing. By the early afternoon she still hadn't come back and I was thinking maybe somebody had picked her up thinking she was a stray so we decided we were going to contact the service that did her Microchipping in case she got lost or was taken later that day but then me and wife left to go into our Town Centre still early that afternoon and just as I got out the front door something clicked and I thought about her hidey hole that she has in the front garden (which is one of a few she has but the only one in the garden) and I felt daft for not thinking of it before but I told my wife I was going to check and I barely looked into her hidey hole when I saw her laying there on her side not moving and I knew instantly she wasn't with us anymore but I couldn't help shouting out her name and gently stroking her side but it was all too late. It seems she'd been there the whole time and we didn't know. To look at her that was nothing obvious as to why she passed but if it wasn't for her eyes being open she would've looked like she was sleeping.

My wife then called my sister in law and she came over to help us, as we couldn't contact the Vets we use as they were closed but we rang first thing this morning and we were able to get in this morning and it's been organised for her to be cremated.

Now we're just both overwhelmingly sad and distraught that it could have happened to such a lively 2 year old Cat.

Sorry this is so long.
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I'm sorry for your loss...