It brings bad luck if ignorant humans cross our path.
Black Cats
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11 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Black cats were considered lucky by sailors, they thought they absorbed storms.

LOVE black cats! Little Panthers!

I adore cats and black cats are beautiful.

I have two Black kitties, my husband calls them our storm cats, on is a big American shorthair male the other is a rare black angora,

When a black cat crosses your path or for that matter obstructs your path. Do not try to push the cat to walk faster, the cat will walk slower

Haha! Love this one! XD

i do love them and i had one in white pretty cute

it truly depends how u think take it in positive it will be good or it will be bad if you think negative.

Black cats I know them well as Mage ..

Haha nice.

It's not too bad. The ignorant ones usually avoid them. Keeps them safe.

Thats sad. I don't want to be sad and talk about cats. I have a black cat and he is my absolute favorite. I love all my cats but he's special.

I boughtt a black cat just coz i knew nobody wants them...and shes my life now.people love her coz they see how much i love her..and shes really smart too .i ve spent so much time training her and loving her..its impossible not to love her.ahh the thngs that she can do.shes one of the best things in life

:) If black cat crosses our path, it means she is in more hurry to go somewhere than us.

I don't believe in any bad or good luck. :)