My Spiteful Kitty

I absolutely adore my cat PJ.  I've had him his whole life (he's 10 now).   Well, one day he got out and when he came home he had a big scratch down his tail.  I took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics.  From that day on he would just cry and scratch at the door because he wanted to get back out.  I told him no, he was a ***** and he'll get hurt.  Later on that day I was in my room sorting laundry, he sat on the pile of clothes, looked at me and peed.  I was so mad at him that all I could do was laugh.  What a spiteful brat..God I love him.

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

This happened a few years ago and he's been to the vet for his shots and check ups, so I know he just gets mad at me. Thank you for the concern...I thought that could be a possibility too but, my boy is just a jerk.

Well, I hope he stays in and safe. And he might have a medical issue that caused him to do that; you may want to have his vet see him to be sure! ;)

LOL OMG that's hilarious. And oddly cute, hehe. I can't imagine my cat peeing in the house. I think because she's a girl so that's an obvious part of it, but also that she's such a neat freak. I know most cats are, but seriously, she tries to clean up messes, lmao.

ahahaha ive had many cats do that to me. They get so mad they usually do something mean to me and peeing seems to be the best thing to make me mad lol that and waking me up at all hours of my sleeps. i completely sympathize. kitties are so great