My cat is a predator. He loves to hunt.... birds, mice etc. The bigger the better. Sometimes he brings dead prey in here and every time I take it from him and tell him off. Once he brought in a mouse, still alive and I woke up to him playing with it. Thankfully I could save the mouse and get it outside again. Once he brought inside a bird, still alive and that poor little guy wasn't too badly hurt. I managed to get him outside and he flew away very happy to be alive.

This morning I wake up to him dragging in a rather big bird - still alive!!! So I tell him off and he runs outside, rather offended at me. That poor bird is so scared that it just lays there for like 10 minutes and I don't want to scare it too much since this poor little guy looked like he could use a few minutes to get himself together. Finally I get a blanket, catch the bird and take it outside.... check his injuries which don't seem to be fatal. But while I do that he dies of a heart attack. He's so scared of me that I was the one who killed it - not the cat. Sometimes it sucks to be a pet owner :(
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Lol. I understand. Most of us who love cats do so because they are just so darn cute and precious to us but they are professional killers. My female cat Shelley used to specialize in birds unfortunately. I also saw her eat many bats until one day a bat bit her back and that freaked her out a bit. Also a couple years ago she was taught a lesson by a mother hen. A lesson that left her with bleeding cuts on her face and nose. Your average African mother hen does not put up with cats stalking her chicks. That hen kicked her butt.:-)

My present cat is a great mouser. She always brings them into the house to finish them off. I've rescued one or two, but I can't keep up with her. When she was young I saw her stalking a baby blackbird. What she didn't see was the mother bird on the roof of the garage who swooped down and launched a full attack on my cat. The cat screamed and ran inside. She's never touched a blackbird since that day...

I'm a fellow cat lover and have 2 cats myself. All cats are predators, some are just better at it than others. The thing about cats is that their saliva is full of deadly bacteria so cat bites to small animals are nearly always fatal if left untreated. Don't be so hard on yourself about the bird that died of a heart attack. It was likely doomed from infection anyway.

Never heard that before about their saliva - thanks, always learn something new every day :)